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Lock-In by @scalzi

Before I start this review, a brief note to say that the reason I am tagging the author is not some kind of ego thing, but because John Scalzi has said that he’s specifically interested in hearing some of the … Continue reading

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Turn Up The Radio! Rock, Pop, And Roll In Los Angeles 1956-1972

(Sorry if this review’s a little disjointed — I’m not particularly well today). This review will, to an extent, be a matter of comparing the book to my own work, and there’s very little I can do about that — … Continue reading

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Faction Paradox: Against Nature by Lawrence Burton

Full disclosure before I start this — I am friendly with the author and the publisher, and I also potentially have a book coming out from this publisher. I don’t think that this has biased my opinions in any way … Continue reading

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Shell-Shocked by @howardkaylan

For the next month or so, most of my writing time will be taken up with copy-edits on the Beach Boys book and on my novel (along with the Doctor Who posts and How To Build Your Own Time Machine). … Continue reading

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Or what does this have to do with Promethea anyway? Crossposted at Mindlessones.com, for reasons that will become apparent. On March 7, 2007, I was at the Royal Festival Hall in London’s South Bank Centre, which has been the scene … Continue reading

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