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Let Me Ride On The Wall Of Death One More Time… (Batman Inc 4 and a bit of 3)

Not another Morrison hero motivated by a dead Kat… I’m very sorry Morrison is definitely doing something interesting with the Kathy Kane backstory here. She made a film called “Ariadne’s sewing machine” – this is absolutely *FULL* of resonance for … Continue reading

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Escapology And Eschatology 1 (of 7) : The Omega Point (Return Of Bruce Wayne: What Really Happened)

This post is, in a way, about the last issue of Return Of Bruce Wayne. However, my fantastic filing system (which involves putting comics in random piles around the living room until my wife makes me tidy them up, when … Continue reading

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Batman! Batman! Batman! BATMAN! Nanananananananananana! BAT-MAN!

So last week I read Batman and Robin issues 15 and 16 and The Return Of Bruce Wayne 5 and 6 all within one week. I’ve only just stopped giggling – nobody should get that excited in that short a … Continue reading

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Too furious to blog about what I was going to, anyway. Two things have made me annoyed – one that matters, in the grand scheme of things, and one that doesn’t. The one that matters is that the coalition government … Continue reading

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Doctor Who And Batman Week Day 2: Batman 700

I’m a couple of weeks late with my review of this one, so most of what there is to be said about it has been said elsewhere by other people. But there are a couple of things that I don’t … Continue reading

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