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Linkblogging for 08/07/09

Now that the evil burning day-star is finally being chased away a bit the writers’ block of the last few weeks seems to be easing slightly for me. I’ll hopefully be reviewing Wednesday Comics tomorrow, doing a Spotify playlist on … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 30/06/09

Just a few quick links here – possibly I’ll do a BFAW tomorrow, but I’m finding it hard to think in this sweltering heat. Someone please turn off the light in the big blue room? Nina Stone has a review … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Telephone Companies

Let me tell you about two telephone companies. One, let us call them Bastard Telecom, are bastards. If you can get connected at all, rather than getting delays and crossed lines, as we did, then just pray you never have … Continue reading

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The British Police Are The Best In The World, I Don’t Believe None Of These Stories I’ve Heard…

I try to be shocked. I really do. I try to really feel how terrible it is, but this kind of thing has happened too often. Last week, a man died during the G20 protests. The story put out in … Continue reading

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A repost

Found via Chicken Yoghurt : Dear All, We are writing to you to ask for your help and support. We may have previously contacted you concerning a little boy – child M and his family. We have worrying reasons to … Continue reading

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