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So What Happened? View From The Ground

I can’t speak for what happened nationally, but I think my experiences on election day might be useful in determining what happened. Fundamentally, I think the Clegg surge *did* happen, but was drowned out by the larger turnout, and a … Continue reading

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A Quick Explanation For Americans And Other Confused Persons

Batman posts have to hold off a few days I’m afraid… The one-line summary for Americans is that we’re reliving Bush vs Gore, and Ralph Nader has been asked to choose. In the election this week, no party got an … Continue reading

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On Coalitions

A lot of Labour supporters – and Green supporters – have been up in arms for the last day or so, practically frothing at the mouth and screaming because Nick Clegg has said that if Labour gets the smallest share … Continue reading

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Tories, ‘hacking’, Twitter and #cashgordon – Look, I Just ‘Hacked’ Mark Reckons’ Site Lib Dem Voice!

ETA: Actually Mark doesn’t use the Lib Dem Blogs RSS feed – just features the RSS feeds of various Lib Dems, under a ‘lib dem blogs’ header, so I thought he did. Feel free to substitute in the name of … Continue reading

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Triple-jacked over a steeplehammer and jessop jessop jessop jessop jessop

Before I start writing this, I just want to point everyone in the direction of the comments to my Joe The Barbarian post. There’s some fantastic stuff there, and I’m just sorry I’ve not been online enough to engage in … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 03/12/09

Blogging will be a little light for a while as I’m writing my essay for the Mindless Ones, editing PEP! and writing about 15,000 words for that, and proofreading a book for my uncle. That said, I’m going to do … Continue reading

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Euro Elections And MP’s Expenses

Well, I’m nothing if not topical… I wanted to write something on this more than a month ago, but my lack of net access pushed it on to the back burner until now. However, this month’s Liberator contained several articles … Continue reading

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