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But What Have The Immigrants Ever Done For Us?

I made the mistake, today, of agreeing with Stephen Glenn on Twitter about the stupidity of a particularly repellent piece of racist campaign literature by Racist UKIP. I say it was a mistake, because I then spent most of the … Continue reading

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A Beginners’ Guide To The Election Part 2 – What The Parties Stand For

A bit later than I thought, here’s the second part of this. Before I start, some people were interested in exactly what happens in a balanced parliament situation – here’s a report from the Hansard Society (pdf) that sets it … Continue reading

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Hitler Moustache

Richard Herring is probably my favourite comedian of the moment. He has his flaws – a glibly Dawkinsite attitude to religion (which is at least excusable in a comedian, who has to take an extreme position to be funny) and … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 23/09/09

Posting will probably be light for the next few days, as it’s a busy time at work. To tide you over, here are some links. Al Ewing is reviewing Beatles: Rock Band one song at a time. The interesting thing … Continue reading

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Angry Linkblogging for 08/06/09

Because I’m still too furious about the Bastard Nazi Party and racist UKIP getting seats, I can’t possibly write about something as pure and good as Seaguy. Not while the acid indigestion is so bad that I can’t even think. … Continue reading

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