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But What Have The Immigrants Ever Done For Us?

I made the mistake, today, of agreeing with Stephen Glenn on Twitter about the stupidity of a particularly repellent piece of racist campaign literature by Racist UKIP. I say it was a mistake, because I then spent most of the … Continue reading

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A Beginners’ Guide To The Election Part 2 – What The Parties Stand For

A bit later than I thought, here’s the second part of this. Before I start, some people were interested in exactly what happens in a balanced parliament situation – here’s a report from the Hansard Society (pdf) that sets it … Continue reading

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Hitler Moustache

Richard Herring is probably my favourite comedian of the moment. He has his flaws – a glibly Dawkinsite attitude to religion (which is at least excusable in a comedian, who has to take an extreme position to be funny) and … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 23/09/09

Posting will probably be light for the next few days, as it’s a busy time at work. To tide you over, here are some links. Al Ewing is reviewing Beatles: Rock Band one song at a time. The interesting thing … Continue reading

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Angry Linkblogging for 08/06/09

Because I’m still too furious about the Bastard Nazi Party and racist UKIP getting seats, I can’t possibly write about something as pure and good as Seaguy. Not while the acid indigestion is so bad that I can’t even think. … Continue reading

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Okay, fuck the lot of you

So the Bastard Nazi Party have got a European Parliament seat in Yorkshire, and may well have one in the North West where I am. They have done this on a turnout of something around 43%. That means that, statistically, … Continue reading

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D’Hondt Forget To Vote

With the European elections coming up, many people are thinking, as one of my friends put it today, “I don’t know who to vote for and everyone whose political opinions I respect is partisan.” Now, as no-one could possibly respect … Continue reading

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