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An Open Letter To The Labour Party

I am a left-winger. I went to an anti-poll tax protest, by myself, when I was (I think) eight (I had to go home early because it went past my bedtime). I think that the two greatest governments of the … Continue reading

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So Farewell, Then, Labour…

For those three people who don’t yet know, the Labour party refused to make any concessions to form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats. As a result, the Lib Dems were left with the choices of either a Conservative minority … Continue reading

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A Quick Explanation For Americans And Other Confused Persons

Batman posts have to hold off a few days I’m afraid… The one-line summary for Americans is that we’re reliving Bush vs Gore, and Ralph Nader has been asked to choose. In the election this week, no party got an … Continue reading

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A Quick Note To Labour Twitterers

Proper post about the election later, but for now I’d just like to say: I hate the Tories as much as anyone, but Labour supporters keep saying things like “In UK, Tories won 36% of vote.LibDem-Labour combo: 52%” or “labour+libdem … Continue reading

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On Coalitions

A lot of Labour supporters – and Green supporters – have been up in arms for the last day or so, practically frothing at the mouth and screaming because Nick Clegg has said that if Labour gets the smallest share … Continue reading

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