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Linkblogging for 20/01/09 – The Obama Edition…

Just linkblogs tonight, as I’ve got back home from work and found the lightbulb’s blown in the living room, where my computer is. I can read the screen, but typing’s a pain… Is he finally gone, by the way? Is … Continue reading

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Why the shock?

So Barack Obama has chosen to have Rick Warren speak at his inauguration, and this has caused a huge amount of shock and outrage among those who voted and campaigned for him. I really don’t understand this. Obama is, and … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 12/11/08

BFAW tonight. For some reason I’ve been permanently exhausted for the last fortnight, and writing is much harder than it normally is. Bear with me – this will pass. Fred at Slacktivist has a good post on usury. Personally, I … Continue reading

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Thank God for that…

I was absolutely *convinced* – utterly, totally, convinced, that the Republicans were going to steal the US election again. At no point in the election did Obama have a *comfortable* lead in the polls – a lead great enough that … Continue reading

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