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I Mean It, Get Out The Fucking Vote #yes2av

So the polls are showing the Yes campaign massively behind the No campaign. I’m already seeing people all over the place criticising aspects of the way the campaign’s been run, like they’ve decided we’ve lost. We haven’t. There are two … Continue reading

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No2AV Objections Answered #yes2av #no2av

I’ve been volunteering for the Yes campaign for a while now, and I’ve heard surprisingly few arguments put to me against AV and for First Past The Post. I’ll try, in this post, to answer all of the ones I’ve … Continue reading

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The Alternative Vote system

In a little under nine months, the British people will be voting on changing our voting system from First Past The Post (FPTP) to the Alternative Vote system (AV). The Liberal Democrats want to go much further and have the … Continue reading

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