Notice: Pulling Books From Smashwords, and Announcing Monkee Music Second Edition

I’ve been unhappy for a while with Smashwords. The ebooks they provide to other services aren’t particularly well formatted, and they have a variety of other problems. So over the course of the next month, I’ll be pulling all my ebooks from their service, and re-uploading them to Draft2Digital/Books2Read, which allows authors more control over ebook formatting, and which also has some other features (like an email signup link, sample chapters from other books with purchase links, and so on) which I find very useful.
This means that if you have those books in a Smashwords library, you *may* find that they disappear (I don’t know how Smashwords copes with access to deleted books). So I’m giving a little notice now to download them and back them up. I’m going to start deleting books tomorrow, starting with low-sales ones so there’s minimal impact, and uploading reformatted versions to Draft2Digital. There will be no changes to the text of those books, with one exception.

That one exception is Monkee Music, which I’ve thought for a while could do with a new edition. I did a Kickstarter for that a while back which didn’t work out, but I’ve decided to just do it anyway. I’ll be pulling that from *everywhere* and replacing it with an updated version of the text — the entry on Pool It! will be completely rewritten, and there’ll be entries for Good Times!, Davy Jones’ first solo album, the early Nez solo singles collected on The Monkees Super Deluxe Edition, the Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart album, the new bonus tracks on the other Super Deluxe Editions, and Micky and Davy’s cast recording of Nilsson’s The Point!

That should *hopefully* be done by the end of this month, but it may take a few extra days on top of that, and there’ll be new paperback and hardback versions as well as the ebook.

Once all this is done, I’ll also be revamping the “Books” page of this website.

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The Glam Rock Murders: A Playlist

All the chapter titles in my new novel The Glam Rock Murders are taken from classic glam rock songs (sometimes the song itself has resonance with the chapter, sometimes it’s just a good title), so I thought it might be fun to put together a playlist of those songs on Spotify.
This isn’t quite all the songs — some don’t appear (and Slade, oddly, seem not to be on Spotify at all, although I found a decent cover version of Gudbuy T’Jane), I’ve only included the song I used as two chapter titles once, and I haven’t included the two Gary Glitter songs as a lot of people would have real moral problems with giving him even the tiny amount of money he’d get from a Spotify play.
But anyway, here’s the soundtrack to my latest book:

If you like this, why not buy the book? This link will take you to your favourite online bookseller to buy it.

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New Batpost on Mindless Ones

This one’s on The Minstrel’s Shakedown/Barbecued Batman?

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Destroyer: One Day Flash Giveaway

For today *ONLY*, I am giving away free ebook copies of my novel Destroyer. These copies will be up until 15:10 tomorrow, 6th February, after which point the links will be broken. If you want to buy the book after that, you’ll have to follow this link and buy it from your preferred retailer.

Described by the Fortean Times as “an intriguing adventure”, Destroyer is a supernatural World War II thriller in which Denis Wheatley, Ian Fleming, and Alan Turing have to work together to defend Britain from Nazi occultists.

There is no charge for this one-day giveaway, you will not be signed up to any mailing lists, and no details will be taken. However, I do ask a few things:
If you like the book, give it a good Goodreads review.
If you *don’t* like it, please remember you got it for free and that writing is how I make my money, so don’t be a dick about it by posting one-star reviews.
And please also consider buying my other novels The Basilisk Murders (Amazon UK) (Amazon US) and The Glam Rock Murders (this universal link will take you to your favourite store).

Also, remember, this is a book which is (today) free-as-in-beer but it’s not free-as-in-speech. I can’t *stop* you from sharing it with people, but it is my copyright and I’d rather you tell people to buy it so I can carry on paying my mortgage and eating and so on. Do share this link far and wide today, but please don’t share the actual files once I’ve taken them down.

Anyway, here’s Destroyer, in epub (will work with all non-Amazon ereaders) and mobi (for Kindle).

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Reminder: I’m Not On Facebook

The reason for this reminder is that I had four notifications this morning from Facebook that someone was trying to log into my now-deleted account. If you see my old account reactivate, or get a friend message claiming to be from me, it’s not me unless I’ve previously said so here.

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Posts Elsewhere and Basilisk Sale

Over on Mindless Ones, I’ve written the second in my series of blog posts about Crisis on Infinite Earths. To go along with it, for Patreon backers only, there’s an essay on Armageddon 2001.

And, to promote my Sarah Turner Mysteries series, there’s a Countdown Sale on the first book in the series, The Basilisk Murders, which started at midnight in the UK and will start in the US at midnight Pacific Time. Right now, it’s only 99c on Kindle, but the price will creep up over the next week, so get it cheap now — UK and US

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The Glam Rock Murders: And A Sale on The Basilisk Murders

As of… right now, I can announce the release in ebook and hardback formats of my latest book, The Glam Rock Murders. This is the second in my Sarah Turner Mysteries series, following The Basilisk Murders, but it’s a very different type of book to that one, being far more focused on plot and character than on big ideas. That said, Sarah’s still the narrator, and she still writes in the same style as she used to.

The blurb follows:

Sarah Turner’s not a fan of seventies rock, but a job’s a job, and when she gets an assignment writing copy for the reunion tour of the legendary glam rock band The Cillas, she decides she’ll try to have fun and make the best of it. But when the band and their associates start dying, Sarah is once again drawn into a murder investigation. What is the big secret that lies at the centre of the Cillas’ success, and why will none of the band members talk about their past honestly?

A witty, suspenseful, story of glam rock, fandom, and secrets, The Glam Rock Murders is a blockbuster that’ll make you want to clap your hands and stamp your feet.

The Amazon ebooks are out now — Amazon (UK) and Amazon US, and the paperback will be available from those links in a few hours (I’m sorting a tiny issue with the cover formatting). The hardback is available here, and non-Amazon ebook readers will be able to find a link to their preferred shop at Books2Read (so far only Scribd is there, but it should be on Kobo, iBooks, and so forth within a day or so).

Patreon backers should have already received their ebook copies. I’ll send out the paper copies at some point in the next few weeks, once I get the hardback proofs and so on.

As part of the promotion for this, I am also doing a “countdown sale” on The Basilisk Murders. The ebook normally sells for $5 (except to Kindle Unlimited customers who can borrow it for free), but for the next twenty-four hours it’s available for *free* to all customers. Then it goes to $1 for a day, then $2, and so on, until it goes back to its normal $5 price in six days and stays there. That will be happening as soon as the change gets processed on its Amazon pages (US) (UK). Note also that I’ll be removing this book from Kindle Unlimited in April, so those of you who want to read it in other ebook formats will be able to get it then.

EDIT: I misunderstood how “countdown deals” work. The book will *NOT* be available for free, but for a week, starting midnight tomorrow night (Pacific time for the US store, GMT for the UK one), it will be deeply discounted, with the discounts slowly getting less. So it will start at $1 and go up to five dollars over the course of the week.
British prices have to be in increments of £1 from a 99p baseline, so the price changes will be slightly different.

(I’ve uploaded a new version of The Basilisk Murders, which has a sample chapter of The Glam Rock Murders at the end, and which links to the new book to buy it. This is as close as I get to following the advice of marketing guru types.)

So… a new novel by me. This is the last, for the moment, of my attempts at incorporating commercial fiction writing techniques and conventional plotting into my fiction — a third Sarah book will be out towards the end of the year, but the next few things I release will be more… unconventional.

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