Early copies of my book The Beach Boys On CD: Vol 1 featured the subheading “The 1960s” on the spine. It should have read “1961-1969” to match the front.

Three minor corrections to this book, courtesy of user ‘metal flake paint’ on – in I Can Hear Music the bass vocal is singing “hold me tight” when I had heard and transcribed it as “all the time”. In Time To Get Alone, the line I had down as “and safe from the people” is actually “a city full of people”. And the song I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times does, in all probability, feature multiple members of the band rather than just multi-tracked Brian Wilson.

On my book Monkee Music, paper copies released in the first month were missing the letter ‘H’ on the word “Here” on the back cover. Also in that book, I claim that the song Sugar, Sugar was offered to the Monkees. The band members have all claimed this to be the case in interviews, but I have since discovered that this is probably not the case.

Also in Monkee Music, I say of Daily Nightly that it is “[the Moog’s] first use on a pop record”. More accurately, it was the first use of the Moog as an instrument by a rock band. It had been used on the Supremes’ Reflections, and as an effect on Jim Morrison’s voice on Strange Days, the previous month.

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