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No, A Tribute Band Wasn’t Going To Play Trump’s Inauguration

This blog post is a request post. Specifically, it’s at the request of my wife, Holly. You get to request posts too, if you’re married to me. Anyway, there’s a story going round social media, backed up by links to … Continue reading

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A Couple of Things Re: My Patreon Account

First, I didn’t have any takers at all about last week’s Patreon-exclusive comics review suggestions. Are these something people have got bored of, or was the lack of interest just down to that week? Do let me know if that’s … Continue reading

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On Maximum Wages and Inequality

In his recent burst of activity, UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has made several fairly controversial statements. Some I agree with him totally on (the crisis in the NHS due to underfunding), and others I disagree with him totally on … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 09/01/17

I’ve not been at my most mentally well the last few days — and given Trump’s nuclear posturing, my occasional suicidal ideation has started to feel more like wanting to leave early to avoid the rush (don’t worry, not going … Continue reading

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“My” Skype Account Compromised

I technically have a Skype account. I’ve only used it once, for a podcast I did with Phil Sandifer and Jack Graham two years ago, because Skype doesn’t play well with GNU/Linux, but it exists. It’s apparently been spamming people, … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 06/01/17

Leaving the comics reviews til tomorrow, because Patreon has been having problems sending email notifications so people might not have seen the request for comics to review. If Patreon’s not working yet then I’ll leave it til Monday. So for … Continue reading

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What Comics Should I Review For Patreons This Week?

(Proper post later or tomorrow) I know, I never did the last set of comics that were suggested — I intended to, and definitely *packed* them for my US trip. But that trip was more stressful than I anticipated (as … Continue reading

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