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(This will *attempt* to be non-spoilery, but there’s probably no such thing as a spoiler-free review of a film like this, so beware). Before I start, a confession — I have not read “The Story of Your Life” by Ted … Continue reading

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So What Comics Should I Review This Week?

Going to the shop on Thursday this week, as I was laid low with a bout of apathy. List of new releases is here.

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Monkee Music: Second Edition Kickstarter

For those who are interested, I’m Kickstarting a second edition of my book on the Monkees. The main changes, if it happens, will be a complete revision of the chapter on Pool It!, a new chapter on Good Times!, chapters … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Richmond Park By-Election

So, last week, the Lib Dems won the Richmond Park by-election. Some context for foreigners, or those who don’t follow politics very much — the Lib Dems were, until about ten years ago, a formidable by-election fighting machine. We didn’t … Continue reading

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Comics Reviews up for Patreon Backers

This week with two weeks’ comics, reviewing Wacky Raceland, Jughead, The Unworthy Thor, No Angel, Goddamned: Before The Flood, and Groo: Fray of the Gods. The comics review posts are free to Patreon backers.

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Me Elsewhere

I wrote a review of Philip Purser-Hallard’s excellent Devices trilogy for We Are Cult. I wrote it while in a semi-comatose half-delerious state when I was ill, so I assume James (the editor) has edited it slightly to make it … Continue reading

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I Aten’t Ded

But I aten’t well, either. Some combination of my new blood pressure medication, a bad reaction to a flu jab I had on Wednesday, and my arthritis has meant that I’ve basically been non-functional since Wednesday afternoon. (I’ll spare you … Continue reading

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