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The Lodger at The Cornerhouse/Barbican #thelodger

Well, that was the very definition of a mixed bag. I’ve just been to see part of the world premiere of the BFI’s new restoration of The Lodger. I say ‘part of’ because this was also the first night of … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 07/03/12

I’ve not had much energy for writing these last few days, and also have been distracted by various other projects (for example finishing up a book proposal that I’ve sent off to a publisher), hence me being behind on my … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 02/01/10 (OK, so I was completely wrong about the whole palindrome thing…)

The closest I’ve come to a New Year’s Resolution this year (other than getting PEP! out not *too* late and trying to stay employed all year) is that I’m going to try to post *something* every single day. I’ve also … Continue reading

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Pop-Drama 1 : The Jungle VIP

I’m starting my look at how to ‘rejuvenate’ various pop-culture/genre characters with Tarzan, because his is the most obvious, and I’d be very astonished if someone hadn’t done this already. The thing about Tarzan is, if you just look at … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 13/11/09

Pillock has finally finished his look at Star Wars and his own personal ‘canon’. Essential reading for anyone who liked my Hyperpost series. Dave Sim has switched to doing his comics POD – apparently Cerebus Archive was dropped by Diamond. … Continue reading

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