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Hugo Blogging: Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form

Or “Which episode of Doctor Who by Steven Moffat will win this year?” Of the six nominees in this category, four are Doctor Who or Doctor Who-related. This is simply ridiculous. Even as a Doctor Who fan (albeit not much … Continue reading

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Guest Post From @miketaylor

My friend Mike, who blogs at The Reinvigorated Programmer and Sauropod Vertebra Picture Of The Week, asked me if he could do a guest post. All opinions expressed below, especially those regarding the relative qualities of the new and old … Continue reading

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Tiredblogging: The Anchoring Of The Thread (or, Towards A Grand Unified Theory Of Time-Travel In Doctor Who)

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a week now, and been putting it off until I’m less tired. But then I realised that if I hadn’t been less tired in a week, I probably wouldn’t be any time … Continue reading

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So What’s Faction Paradox Actually About?

This is less of an essay, more a stream of consciousness braindump that I’m going to type until I fall asleep on the keyboard. I’m too tired today to write my Mindless Ones piece, and certainly too tired to work … Continue reading

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Doctor Who And The Spaceship Of Dinosaurs

(Written before seeing tonight’s episode, partly inspired by @first_doctor on Twitter) Doctor Who And The Spaceship Of Dinosaurs by Terrance Dicks Based on a BBC Television serial written by John Lucarotti and first broadcast in 1965. Chapter 2 Inside the … Continue reading

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