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How We Know What We Know: Introduction

I’ve been reading up a lot over the last few years about a large variety of subjects, not science as such but how we do science and how we actually know what we know. I’ve written about some of these … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Create a usable ePub file for

I’ve been having a lot of problems with getting my latest ebook uploaded to Lulu, and I know other people have had similar problems, so here’s what I’ve learned so far. (Currently I’ve *finally* got to the point where they’ve … Continue reading

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The Grandfather Paradox: Experimentally Resolved?

A revised and improved version of this essay is in my book Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! – hardback, paperback, PDF Kindle (US), Kindle (UK), all other ebook formats I am utterly astounded that I’d never seen this before today – an … Continue reading

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Geeks Dig Metaphors: The Technical Problems With The Singularity

Back to introduction I have come to the conclusion that anyone who talks about how easy it’s going to be to simulate a human brain in a computer either understands computers but doesn’t understand biology, or doesn’t understand computers but … Continue reading

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Geeks Dig Metaphors: Introduction

A metaphor is a glorious thing, A diamond ring, The first day of summer A metaphor is a breath of fresh air, A turn-on, An aphrodisiac Chicks dig, dig, d-i-g, dig, dig metaphors, Sparks Metaphors are scraps of resemblance that … Continue reading

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On DC’s Digital Comics

I *was* going to write about Batman 700 today, but I’ll leave it til I review Return Of Bruce Wayne 3 this week, and deal with both simultaneously, because DC have announced that they’re releasing digital comics in partnership with … Continue reading

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RIP Chris Sievey/Frank Sidebottom

A few years ago, my friend Tilt and I were, for reasons we shall not go into right now, watching an old episode of The Wheeltappers And Shunter’s Social Club, when Freddie Garrity of Freddie & The Dreamers came on. … Continue reading

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