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Suggestions for web-based feed readers?

Since Google Reader lost half the functionality that made it worthwhile, I’d switched to Goodbits, which had the functionality that Google Reader still had, and didn’t belong to Google, and which was planning to implement the other functionality. Unfortunately, Goodbits … Continue reading

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Why I Won’t Be Blogging The Hugo Shortlist This Year

This year, an actual majority of the entries in the Hugo Awards have made their Hugo Packet submissions PDF-only. See Charles Stross’ blog post about this from two years ago for why this is a bad thing. Last year, for … Continue reading

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Why the pirate bay ‘block’ won’t work

The High Court has apparently ordered most British ISPs to block access to the Pirate Bay, a website which allegedly hosts copyright-infringing material, as of later this month. They’ve been ordered to do this by blacklisting it on their DNS … Continue reading

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Windows : Not Ready For The Desktop

(Almost all of the following is true) I had to install Windows on a computer on Thursday, after ten years of using GNU/Linux almost exclusively (I’ve occasionally used Solaris or AIX for work stuff). The results convinced me that no … Continue reading

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Using Spotify to sync music to iPod from GNU/Linux

Just a very quick tip for Linux users with iPods – you can use Spotify to sync music between your desktop and the iPod. The reason I mention this is that my wife’s well-meaning parents got her an iPod for … Continue reading

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