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Me At the Mindless Ones

I was one of the several members of the Faceless Mindless Collective who came up with questions for Marc Singer about his new book about Grant Morrison.

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DC Liveblogging Part Two

Today I’m going to go through the next batch of new number one issues from DC’s ‘new 52’. And like last time, I’m going to read each comic straight through once, then blog my immediate reaction, rather than a more … Continue reading

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Liveblogging My Reaction To The New DC

For the last couple of years my enthusiasm for superhero comics has been steadily waning. This is not because I’ve somehow ‘grown up’ or ‘got over it’ or any of that nonsense, but because DC Comics have very deliberately, consciously, … Continue reading

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More From Me At Mindless Ones

I couldn’t contribute as much to the latest LoEG annocoms, but I did an almost line-by-line look at Terner’s song which works out at about the length of a typical piece here, while Amypoodle and Zom did the hard work. … Continue reading

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Yet More From Me At The Mindless

Here I contribute about 3000 words and Amypoodle does about twenty million, all better than mine. I’m going to have something else interesting up tonight, with some luck. Edit – link changed

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Me at the Mindless

I’ve chipped in a bit in part one of the Mindless Ones’ annocommentations for League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1969. Amypoodle and Zom do most of the heavy lifting, and I do the saying-the-obvious. Spoilers all over the place, for … Continue reading

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Kindle Incomprehensible Condition Now Up

The Kindle version of my book An Incomprehensible Condition: An Unauthorised Guide To Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers, is now up here (US) and here (UK). A version went up yesterday which was badly-formatted. If for some reason you get this, … Continue reading

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