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Grant Morrison Stand-Alone Stories

A few days ago Mike Taylor emailed me, asking what, if any, Grant Morrison stories could be read without knowing more about a fictional universe — he’d been reading Seven Soldiers, and found it difficult going, as he doesn’t have … Continue reading

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On Being A Marvel, Not A DC

Today I did something I’ve never done before. I went to a comic shop and bought more Marvel comics than DC ones. I picked up sixteen comics, and only six were DC. Seven were Marvel, and three were Image. This … Continue reading

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The Song Ends… But The Beauty Of It Must Never Fade

(Thanks to Andrew Rilstone for reminding me of the Jack Kirby quote that’s titled this). February 6 is the anniversary of the deaths of two of my favourite creative artists. The first, Jack Kirby, lived a relatively long life, but … Continue reading

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Before Watchmen

Of course I didn’t buy it. What do you think I am? I torrented it, of course. And if DC want to complain about me taking their copyrighted work, the work that talented artists put time and effort into, and … Continue reading

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Cerebus is possibly the most daunting work in the whole history of art. This is not an exaggeration. In every other field of art, other than comics, an artist works on different projects over the course of her career. James … Continue reading

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On Sentient Universes, The Problem Of Evil, Grant Morrison, Doctor Who and other such stuff

Blame Philip Sandifer for this. I meant to write another short story today (I still might). I thought I’d said everything I had to say about Grant Morrison, and more, between my book on Seven Soldiers and Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!. … Continue reading

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Watchmen 2 discussion over on Mindless Ones

I contributed to the Mindless Ones’ post on the Watchmen prequels, or at least my swearier alter ego Andre Whickey did. That post was put together from what started as informal discussions between us, hence the writing style for my … Continue reading

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