Forgotten Lives

Today I received an email with the final finished version of this, so thought today would be a good day to tell people about it. Forgotten Lives is an unofficial Doctor Who anthology, not licensed by the BBC but with all proceeds going to Alzheimer’s research.

It’s published by Obverse Books, and features the adventures of the Morbius Doctors — the Doctors before William Hartnell, whose faces were seen in the Tom Baker story The Brain of Morbius and more recently in the Jodie Whitaker story The Timeless Children.

Obverse Books, for those of you who don’t know, is a small press that specialises in Doctor Who spinoffs and non-fiction about science fiction TV — they’ve previously published a novel, two nonfiction books, two short stories, and some contributions to other charity anthologies by me. As well as my own story, “The Cross of Venus”, the book contains stories by Simon Bucher-Jones, Philip Purser-Hallard (who edited), Kara Dennison, Lance Parkin, Aditya Bidakar, Jay Eales, and Paul Driscoll. All of these are excellent writers, and most of them are friends or at least friendly online acquaintances of mine. All gave their stories for free.

There’s only a single print-run, and only a handful of copies are left, so go to if you don’t want to miss out.

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3 Responses to Forgotten Lives

  1. FredH says:

    Hey, *I* wanted a pdf but they said they weren’t making any, so I bought the print version!

    (Oh. It’s a contributor thing, isn’t it? Sorry, never mind.)

  2. Michael Murray says:

    Hi Andrew – love your podcast. Interesting thoughts on autism and Elvis here. Pretty sure I’m one of those pre-1990 births that are undiagnosed. Thought I’d signed up for basic annual subscription but Patreon app not recognising me as patron any more. Could you check please? Thanks Michael Murray

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Someone with your email address is definitely showing as a backer, and showing as active in my dashboard. I’d contact Patreon customer support if you can’t get access. If they’re no help, I’ll gladly issue a refund and you can try again.

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