Three New Podcasts

This is a day late, but there’s so much new podcast material here that you’ll be sick of my voice if you aren’t already.

The new episode of A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs is up. This one’s on “Tutti Frutti” by Little Richard, and how what started as a song about anal sex ended up being a rock and roll standard.

I’ve also started doing ten-minute extra episodes of the podcast for Patreon backers. Today’s expands on the discussion of the “dirty blues” in the main podcast with some more examples, notably “Rotten Cocksuckers Ball” by the Clovers.

And finally, I’ve guested on Jaffa Cake Jukebox, in which Tilt and Gary of the Sitcom Club play records and talk about them. I talked with them about the charts for 18 January 1957, which featured absolutely no sex of any variety (apart from some shagging on down at the union hall) and so is probably the safest for work of these three.

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