New 500 Songs Episode Up

A new episode of “A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs”, looking at Bill Haley’s first big hit, “Crazy Man Crazy”, and how it was connected to the Mafia, school assemblies, yodelling, and changes in radio regulations in 1946.

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3 Responses to New 500 Songs Episode Up

  1. FrF says:

    A fascinating episode, Andrew! I find the idea of Bill Haley & his bands as hustling craftsmen who took a “scientific approach” to their trend-scouting very appealing, even admirable.

    * Quotation from 30:28 of the podcast

  2. FrF says:

    I sincerly hope I’m not the only one who never made the connection between Bill Haley & The/His Comets and Halley’s Comet. To finally see the light of the pun was a major cognitive breakthrough for me :-)

    (I just read which is a nice, long synopsis of some of the narrative arcs of Ian Port’s new book “The Birth of Loud”.)

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