Latest History of Rock Music Podcasts Now Up

There are actually two episodes going live now, at 1AM UK time. One is a very short disclaimer episode about how I’m going to deal with misogynist abusers in the podcast, which largely replicates what I said a couple of weeks back on here.

The other is a proper half-hour episode, looking at Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys and their song “Ida Red”, and at the birth of Western Swing.

For those of you who use iTunes, it should be on the iTunes site shortly.

And as always, here’s a link to a Mixcloud playlist of all the songs excerpted. This one has both kinds of music — country *and* Western — as well as a little bit of jazz and one blues track. It has the Carter Family, Bob Wills, Sylvester Weaver, the Lightcrust Doughboys and Django Reinhardt.

As always, this is supported by my backers on Patreon, so if you like the podcast and can afford it, please join them.

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2 Responses to Latest History of Rock Music Podcasts Now Up

  1. davidgerard says:

    This podcast is fantastic, btw. Must write a Rocknerd post …

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Thanks! What I’m enjoying about it is all the non-obvious links I’m able to put into things and the connections between episodes, and that all sort of comes to a head in the next couple of episodes. The next one, on Louis Jordan, manages to link “Strange Fruit”, the Marx Brothers, Ella Fitzgerald, the invention of the reissue label, and an eighty-year-old controversy about which of two bands played better at a single gig into the big overarching story we’ve got.

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