“The Hickey Packet” for Patreon Backers

As you may know, people who back my blog and podcasts on Patreon get free ebook copies of all my books (and people on higher tiers get free paperback or hardback copies).

Partly to thank them — and also partly to encourage people to sign up for my Patreon (I lost a very important freelance client last month, through no fault of my own, and my income has dropped precipitously — I frankly need the money) — I’ve now posted a Patreon-only zip file of epub versions of all my released books (if you need other versions, this site should be able to do it — I don’t currently have copies of all of them in all formats). This is twenty-two files in total — all the books I currently have available for sale, plus a collection of some blog posts about Doctor Who, and another collection of a few short stories, neither of which are available for sale.

All my Patreon backers can find that collection here. It has all my self-published books — novels, books on music, books on comics, books on Doctor Who — plus the two full books I’ve written for Obverse, who very kindly allowed me to give copies to Patreon backers (the short stories I’ve written for Obverse collections are *not* there, because that would be unfair to the other authors and the editors).

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