500 Songs Now Up And Running

My new podcast, A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs is now all good to go. Episode zero — an introduction — will be up on Monday, and the first episode proper will be up on the 8th of October. I’ve got those, plus the episode for the fifteenth, all scheduled and ready to go, and there’s a ten-second bit of theme music already there for those of you who want to get your podcatchers ready. You can find the podcast at 500songs.com. Here’s the RSS feed, the iTunes link, and the Stitcher link.

To get a podcast on Google Play you need to be at a US IP address, so that’ll have to wait until I’m in the US for Xmas, and I’ll be trying to get the podcast onto Spotify once five episodes are up.

Meanwhile, as part of the process of doing this, I’ve been creating Mixcloud mixes with the full versions of the songs used in the podcasts. Here’s the first two:

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