New Novella: The Ghost in the Machine

I’ve just published a new novella. It’s the first in the series, so I’m afraid it’s something of an origin story with a bit of a cliffhangery ending, but it’s only 99 cents and the second novella in the series will be out in a month.

When Dr. Evelyn Hope hears the voice of a dead MP in her head, she thinks she may be hallucinating, But when she’s arrested for the murder, she stumbles into a world she never believed possible, in which magical forces are locked into a deadly war. This novella is the compelling start of an ongoing epic series, The Noosphere Wars.

The book can be bought for ninety-nine cents through this page, which will take you to your favourite online bookstore. Patreon backers can find their copy here.

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3 Responses to New Novella: The Ghost in the Machine

  1. Any chance of a physical edition?

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