One Million Views!

At some point today, while I was lying down with a headache, the counter on my blog’s stats ticked over and I got my millionth visitor, roughly a decade after I started this thing (and long after blogs have stopped being A Thing for most people, but I’ll be continuing with this rather than the various forms of social media nonsense).
Thank you to everyone who’s visited, and for making this blog, in a very roundabout way, the way I make my living.
Anyway, here are links to ten of the things I’ve written on here that I think still hold up.

First, here’s my post on Mister Miracle, which I think is the best of the essays in my Seven Soldiers book. It characterises a lot of the stuff I like about my own best writing in that it ties together a *ton* of apparently different ideas. I’m trying to start doing more of that again now, as so much of my stuff recently has been a bit linear. It covers comics, music, science, and politics…

A post I wrote about writing while aphantasic, and how you get round the problem of describing visual elements

A post about Donald Trump’s inauguration, and the song Strange Fruit

An explanation (from 2014, so long before the Brexit horrors) of why I oppose referendums even as I love democracy

A post about Before Watchmen which starts with a quote about the Lib Dems which I’m sure made thematic sense at the time given something which was going on then politically, but now seems *weirdly* out of place.

A post from 2009 about how UKIP are a bunch of lying racists. Back then, most people didn’t realise it, and they would deny it rather than be proud of it.

A post on why you shouldn’t shame people for their penis size

My post discussing whether Rasa Didzpetris was more responsible for the Kinks’ success than she’s credited for — to which Didzpetris herself responded positively!

My guess as to what Superman was singing in Final Crisis 7

And… here’s where I hit a problem. I had several candidates for the tenth post. I was going to link to my Not A Review of Neoreaction A Basilisk, or to my piece on Elvis in the 70s, or to my Mindless Ones piece Howl, or to my Mindless Ones piece on Logopolis. All of those are both good pieces of writing *and* would allow me to draw together thematic stuff from a bunch of the posts above and create an interesting conclusion here.

But I know many trans people, and each of those either has me or someone in the comments misgendering and deadnaming one or more people who hadn’t yet come out as trans (or in some cases them commenting in their deadnames). I don’t currently have the mental energy to go and unpick all the references to people’s deadnames in over 2000 blog posts, and I *couldn’t* edit the comments by other people, but I wouldn’t feel right linking them either. So, they’re posts I’m proud of but right now won’t link to. When I have the spoons I’ll fix them.

So, to finish, my Doctor Who short story The Bogeyman, which was unsuccessful as a pitch to Big Finish, but was later included in an Obverse charity anthology with a bunch of very famous writers, so is probably my most read thing in terms of book sales, and is one of the first pieces of fiction I wrote that I actually liked myself.

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  1. FrF says:

    Oh yes, your chapter on Mister Miracle in “An Incomprehensible Condition” is fantastic (as is your 2015 essay “The King” on Elvis)! I miss your posts on Morrison’s work, Andrew. I wasn’t really ecstatic about “Happy” the TV show but I appreciate the Herculean effort that it took to put such a big project off the ground. I’m very hopeful about Grant’s Green Lantern series, though.

    I’m also very fond of your Superman proposal:

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