Apologies for my Continued Absence

Especially to those of you who pay for this blog via Patreon. I *do* hope to be back to full-time blogging soon, but I’ve been quite *astonishingly* ill, even by my chronically-ill standards, for a couple of months — a couple of months which have also featured a book deadline (which I’m overdue on now) and some high-paying but quick-turnaround freelance work that has taken what little energy I’ve had.
(Also I stood for election again and lost again, but nothing new there).
I’m basically broken at the moment. I have a ton of nearly-completed blog post series that I’m not going to post until they’re *actually*-completed blog post series, and I *will* get better soon, but this is the longest period of illness I’ve had in a few years, so I needed to apologise again…

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2 Responses to Apologies for my Continued Absence

  1. Lol Radley says:

    No need to apologise at all. Sounds like a really miserable time. Wishing you better and looking forward to hearing what’s been on your mind when you are back up and running. Most important thing is getting yourself better.

  2. Sam Black (Hypehat, remember from the Smiley Smile Board?) says:

    Look after yourself, OK? it sounds really rough, don’t apologise for it.

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