Basilisk Murders Goes Wide

For those of you who use ereaders other than the Kindle, The Basilisk Murders has now dropped out of Kindle Unlimited. I initially intended for it only to be on KU for three months, but accidentally set it to autorenew for a second three-month period.

(I won’t be putting any further books into Kindle Unlimited. My moral objections to it still stand, but I thought that given how many authors seem to rely on it for their money I should see if it pays enough to quell my objections. As it happens, I made about four quid total for the six months of exclusivity, so for me at least it’s not only ethically dodgy but also financially worthless.)

So now it’s no longer Kindle-exclusive, here’s The Basilisk Murders from your ebook store of choice… (more shops will appear at that link over the next day or two as things update)

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