Monkee Music: Second Edition

My latest book is out — the revised and expanded second edition of Monkee Music. This is about twice as long as the original version and contains full essays on:

David Jones (1965 album)

All Mike and Micky’s pre-Monkees singles

The extra material on the deluxe and super deluxe editions of The Monkees, More of the Monkees, Instant Replay and the Monkees Present

The Dolenz, Jones, Boyce, and Hart album

The cast album to The Point!, starring Davy and Micky

and Good Times!

It also has shorter essays on the live albums or DVDs Summer 1967, Live Summer Tour, Concert in Japan, and Twentieth Anniversary Tour, as well as a round-up chapter looking at “Milkshake” (from Peter’s Stranger Things Have Happened album, featuring Mike and Micky) and the 1976 Christmas single.

On top of that, every essay that was already in there has been revised and updated, correcting things ranging from my understanding of why Pool It! ended up as it did to my persistent misspelling of Cynthia Weil’s surname, and expanding on what I’d said.

If you follow this books2read link you’ll be able to find it at your favourite digital store — and if you follow the Amazon link in that link you’ll find the paperback available there from tomorrow, too. Those of you who prefer hardbacks, there’s a hardback available at .

People backing my Patreon at $5 a month or more will be able to find their free ebook copies here.

And for those of you who don’t get why I’d want to write 72,000 words on a manufactured pop band, here’s a playlist I put together that might explain it…

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5 Responses to Monkee Music: Second Edition

  1. David Summers says:

    Hi, Andrew,

    I shall certainly buy the new edition of Monkee Music. I love all your music books.

    Just a quick update in case you ever feel inclined to update “California Dreaming”. You may remember that I triggered a lot of comments at the time when I mentioned that Stephen Stills had actually recorded Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock” with Jimi Hendrix in Sept 1969, several weeks before he recorded the CSNY version. An uncredited instrumental version even appeared a few months later on a Timothy Leary LP. Anyway, a vocal version of the Stills/Hendrix recording is due out next week on “Both Sides of the Sky”, the latest posthumous Hendrix release authorised by his Estate, along with another unreleased Stills original. I know that some of your other readers assumed that my comments at the time were the ravings of an unhinged Jimi nut, so it’s good that this version will finally see the light, although I’m expecting it – on the basis of the various boots I’ve heard over the years – to be fairly undeveloped. We shall see.

    Look after yourself. I really hope you can get on top of your health issues.

    Best wishes


    P.S. Following the sad death of Jim Rodford, do you think we will ever see the Zombies again?

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Cool, I’ll definitely keep an eye out for that. And thanks for the well wishes.
      As for Rodford, I know the Zombies are fulfilling the tour dates they’d already booked in the US, so I suspect they’ll continue — though it definitely won’t be the same without him. He had such an enthusiastic stage presence, he’ll really be missed.

  2. TAD says:

    Congrats on the finishing your revised Monkees book! Looking at your playlist of Monkees songs, I’m reminded about your cover of “Prithee.” I’d love to hear it, and wouldn’t be upset if you sent me an MP3. :)

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I don’t have a copy of it with Tilt’s vocals (which he wasn’t happy with — he had a chest infection when he recorded it). I could upload a copy of the instrumental track, but without the vocals it’s not that interesting…

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