Reader Request Week Next Week

I’ve been having problems getting posts up here the last couple of weeks. Between getting The Glam Rock Murders published, reformatting my ebooks, working on the second edition of Monkee Music, and being ill (I’ve been ill more days than not since Christmas) I’ve not had much space in my brain for blogging.

But it’s more than that — politics has nothing in it to inspire me to post right now. Everything is bad, but it’s a tedious, predictable, kind of bad — like being trapped in a two-second loop of Moe poking Curly in the eye over, and over, and over again for two years straight. At some point there’s just nothing else to say — my country and my wife’s country are both engaging in national acts of self-harm unprecedented in post-War history, everyone knows that’s what’s happening, but nobody in power is willing to do anything to stop it because it might disturb their own plans for short-term gain. There is no hope of anything other than more of the same, and nothing any of us can do about it. There’s only so many times you can say that. I’m working on some posts about The Good Place, but those are taking a while to come together (they’ll be worth it when they do though).

So, since I’ve not been inspired to post, I’d like suggestions from people about what I should write. I’ve got two book reviews I’m planning on posting soon — a book by Matthew Rossi and an anthology that Lawrence Burton put together — but those require a slightly different kind of mentality than the depressed state my brain’s currently in.

So, with the proviso that I’ll get those two done as soon as I have spoons, and that I may just have nothing to say about the subject you choose — what would you like me to write about here next week?

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10 Responses to Reader Request Week Next Week

  1. Simon Bucher-Jones says:

    I suspect that applies to all review suggestions (the spoons) otherwise I am hoping to hear your thoughts on the rest of The Book of The Enemy at some point. [Your story is of course excellent and has already been high-fived by a reader and fellow contributor on Gallifrey Base.]

    Simon BJ

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I feel.. a bit odd… about reviewing a book which I’m in. If I say a story’s good, it’s a bit like self-promotion, if I say it’s bad, the temptation is for people to think “Oh yeah? Still probably better than your shitty story, isn’t it?”
      But on the other hand, I *do* really like the book — and obviously it has some of my favourite writers in it. So I may post something. I’ll have to think about it… but it’s a good suggestion.

  2. Tilt Araiza says:

    I’d like to see you rebuild a ill-used cultural property in the style of your Pop Drama posts.

  3. Any thoughts on this week’s Dark Knights Rising: Wild Hunt one-shot that Grant Morrison co-wrote — or, as you may not have read that — the general apathy towards Morrison that’s grown over the past few years…

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I’ve not read it yet, but I’ll have a think about that. Not sure I’ll come up with anything, but I’ll have a think…

  4. I really enjoyed your Dr Who season 22 posts a while back – perhaps a post on series 23?

  5. po8crg says:

    If you get the chance to see it, your thoughts on Black Panther would be interesting. Mostly because my thoughts are so incoherent.

  6. plok says:

    Greg Egan!

  7. Mike says:

    The Marx Brothers Blu-Rays?

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