New Post for Patreon Backers Only, on The Monkees’ Good Times!

I’m currently working on a second edition of Monkee Music, my book on the Monkees, which should be out by the end of the month. Obviously backers at $5 or higher will get their free copies, but I thought I’d give all my backers a teaser of the new material, which won’t be posted to my blog itself.

This is the entry for Good Times!

Be warned… it’s much longer and more discursive than the entries that make up the bulk of the book — this one’s over 8000 words long, and has a tangent talking about Umberto Eco’s description of postmodernism…

If you want to read it, remember that Patreon-exclusive essays are available to all backers, at even $1 a month.

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