Linkblogging for 10/2/18

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days — I’ve been working on moving my ebooks over from Smashwords to Draft2Digital, because Draft2Digital is better in every single way, both for writers and for readers (I’m going to leave the Beatles book and Four Stories on Smashwords, because the Beatles book is embarrassing and everything in Four Stories is also in the longer collection Ideas and Entities, so there’s no point porting those over). This has required recreating all the epubs, which is taking a while when there are about twenty proper books plus a bunch of individual short stories.

I’m also working on additional chapters for the second edition of the Monkees book, which is taking a while (the entry on “Good Times!” is currently over 5500 words and I’m only about 70% of the way through it). I’ll have another Batpost on Monday, and I’ll probably get some more posts on politics and stuff up next week, but for now — have links.

How to design social systems without causing depression and war

The fragility of body positivity

The Institute of Gremlins 2 Studies (warning, contains flashing-light gif)

A prime number that is also ASCII art of a giraffe

The Twenty-Nine Stages of a Twitterstorm

The place for radical Liberalism in the twenty-first century

Orson Scott Card: Mentor, Friend, Bigot

Charles Stross on why he doesn’t read much SF any more

Andrew Rilstone on Tim Farron’s nonsense article about how the politically correct brigade have made it so that you can’t even say you’re a Christian any more these days.

And also by Rilstone, a review of Doomsday Clock #3

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