Destroyer: One Day Flash Giveaway

For today *ONLY*, I am giving away free ebook copies of my novel Destroyer. These copies will be up until 15:10 tomorrow, 6th February, after which point the links will be broken. If you want to buy the book after that, you’ll have to follow this link and buy it from your preferred retailer.

Described by the Fortean Times as “an intriguing adventure”, Destroyer is a supernatural World War II thriller in which Denis Wheatley, Ian Fleming, and Alan Turing have to work together to defend Britain from Nazi occultists.

There is no charge for this one-day giveaway, you will not be signed up to any mailing lists, and no details will be taken. However, I do ask a few things:
If you like the book, give it a good Goodreads review.
If you *don’t* like it, please remember you got it for free and that writing is how I make my money, so don’t be a dick about it by posting one-star reviews.
And please also consider buying my other novels The Basilisk Murders (Amazon UK) (Amazon US) and The Glam Rock Murders (this universal link will take you to your favourite store).

Also, remember, this is a book which is (today) free-as-in-beer but it’s not free-as-in-speech. I can’t *stop* you from sharing it with people, but it is my copyright and I’d rather you tell people to buy it so I can carry on paying my mortgage and eating and so on. Do share this link far and wide today, but please don’t share the actual files once I’ve taken them down.

Anyway, here’s Destroyer, in epub (will work with all non-Amazon ereaders) and mobi (for Kindle).

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  1. davidgerard says:

    The Calibre ePub reader choked on that file …

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