Reminder: I’m Not On Facebook

The reason for this reminder is that I had four notifications this morning from Facebook that someone was trying to log into my now-deleted account. If you see my old account reactivate, or get a friend message claiming to be from me, it’s not me unless I’ve previously said so here.

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1 Response to Reminder: I’m Not On Facebook

  1. Irina says:

    I get notifications from Facebook all the time though I’ve never had an account: someone managed to get a facebook account with my gmail address (his name is 1 letter different from that account name, so I think it was a typo). The only way I can think of to stop this is ask for a new password, log into the account and either alert the guy’s friends or close the account altogether, but I’m very hesitant to log into Facebook at all because I don’t want them to know my IP address (and point trackers at me that Privacy Badger can’t stop). So I’m ignoring it: I’ve told gmail that all of this is spam.

    The other day I got sent an Adobe registry code that *must* be for this guy as well, because I have nothing to do with Adobe either. And Dropbox is nagging me, too, though I already have an account there in my “real” e-mail address! (the gmail one is a backup, also throwaway address for one-time registrations).

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