The Glam Rock Murders: And A Sale on The Basilisk Murders

As of… right now, I can announce the release in ebook and hardback formats of my latest book, The Glam Rock Murders. This is the second in my Sarah Turner Mysteries series, following The Basilisk Murders, but it’s a very different type of book to that one, being far more focused on plot and character than on big ideas. That said, Sarah’s still the narrator, and she still writes in the same style as she used to.

The blurb follows:

Sarah Turner’s not a fan of seventies rock, but a job’s a job, and when she gets an assignment writing copy for the reunion tour of the legendary glam rock band The Cillas, she decides she’ll try to have fun and make the best of it. But when the band and their associates start dying, Sarah is once again drawn into a murder investigation. What is the big secret that lies at the centre of the Cillas’ success, and why will none of the band members talk about their past honestly?

A witty, suspenseful, story of glam rock, fandom, and secrets, The Glam Rock Murders is a blockbuster that’ll make you want to clap your hands and stamp your feet.

The Amazon ebooks are out now — Amazon (UK) and Amazon US, and the paperback will be available from those links in a few hours (I’m sorting a tiny issue with the cover formatting). The hardback is available here, and non-Amazon ebook readers will be able to find a link to their preferred shop at Books2Read (so far only Scribd is there, but it should be on Kobo, iBooks, and so forth within a day or so).

Patreon backers should have already received their ebook copies. I’ll send out the paper copies at some point in the next few weeks, once I get the hardback proofs and so on.

As part of the promotion for this, I am also doing a “countdown sale” on The Basilisk Murders. The ebook normally sells for $5 (except to Kindle Unlimited customers who can borrow it for free), but for the next twenty-four hours it’s available for *free* to all customers. Then it goes to $1 for a day, then $2, and so on, until it goes back to its normal $5 price in six days and stays there. That will be happening as soon as the change gets processed on its Amazon pages (US) (UK). Note also that I’ll be removing this book from Kindle Unlimited in April, so those of you who want to read it in other ebook formats will be able to get it then.

EDIT: I misunderstood how “countdown deals” work. The book will *NOT* be available for free, but for a week, starting midnight tomorrow night (Pacific time for the US store, GMT for the UK one), it will be deeply discounted, with the discounts slowly getting less. So it will start at $1 and go up to five dollars over the course of the week.
British prices have to be in increments of £1 from a 99p baseline, so the price changes will be slightly different.

(I’ve uploaded a new version of The Basilisk Murders, which has a sample chapter of The Glam Rock Murders at the end, and which links to the new book to buy it. This is as close as I get to following the advice of marketing guru types.)

So… a new novel by me. This is the last, for the moment, of my attempts at incorporating commercial fiction writing techniques and conventional plotting into my fiction — a third Sarah book will be out towards the end of the year, but the next few things I release will be more… unconventional.

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