Linkblogging for 13/1/18

Another set of interesting links for you all…

The Lib Dems are, for once, doing something to oppose Brexit *other* than call for a second referendum. They’re supporting an amendment to ensure that the “meaningful vote” of Parliament on the EU deal is actually meaningful — that if the Government can’t get the deal past Parliament it should revoke Article 50. The amendment has some cross-party support — a couple of Labour MPs and Caroline Lucas have also signed it — and there’s an email-your-MP campaign in support of it. Details here.

Someone creating music (which sounds somewhere between baroque and ambient) using space-filling curves (some in five dimensions)

A PDF copy of Robert Anton Wilson’s first (pre-Illuminatus!) novel, The Sex Magicians, a cheap porn novel from the 60s that still has some of that Wilson flavour to it…

An up-to-date list of comic publisher submission guidelines

A petition to end indefinite immigration detention

Humble Bundle has a huge range of Top Shelf comics, including League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the Bojeffries Saga, and the complete Alec by Eddie Campbell, for $18 the lot

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