Bizzy Baksun

Apologies for the lack of proper posts since the Patreon mess resolved — I had a head cold at the beginning of the week and it’s left me with a post-viral fatigue (my immune system overreacts to stuff and a minor case of the sniffles leads to exhaustion, arthritis, swollen feet, and depression).

I’m largely better now, but we travel to the US for Xmas tomorrow night (our flight leaves at 6AM on Sunday, but for a flight to the US you need to be there three hours early, which means leaving the house at 2AM. Still, we’ll get to the airport in the US a mere seventeen hours after leaving the house, and might easily arrive at my in-laws’ less than twenty-four hours after we leave our house, so I’m sure the lack of sleep won’t be a problem).

I’m *planning* on writing a lot when I’m over there, but until we arrive back here on the twenty-seventh of December, none of my time will be my own, so I can’t guarantee any extra words. I’m *hoping* to have at least the next couple of posts about The Just City and the next Nilsson post up, but no guarantees of even any Xmas wishes, other than the post I will make on Dec 17 or 18.

See you all on the other side.

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