Final Update on the Patreon Stuff

I’ll have a proper post up later today, but for now, here’s a final thing about it.

Patreon have done a blog post, explaining the reasoning behind their changes, and… it actually makes sense, and *is* driven by stuff that *some* creators wanted. Unfortunately, I am not one of those creators. This model will actually work better for anyone who is producing predictable, regular, work, especially higher-value work. It’s not so great for people like myself, or Andrew Rilstone, or… well, most of the people I back, who are mostly producing irregular blog posts and things of that nature.

I’m too sleep-deprived right now to go into why, but Alexandra Erin has done a Twitter thread here that explains it.

My solution, which I explained yesterday, appears to be the one that fits the model Patreon are going to be pushing, assuming I can do that. But this transition period will be *hard*, and I hope backers will bear with me (and I hope some new backers will come along and sign up for my Patreon — right now I’m astonished to see that I’ve not lost any backers over this, and overwhelmed by people’s generosity, but while some people have updated to the new suggested pledge levels, most haven’t and so I’ll still be down more than $200 a month on what I was making. *THERE IS NO PRESSURE ON ANY BACKERS TO DO THIS* — I am grateful for every penny. And likewise there is no pressure on any non-backers to sign up — I am more than aware of how difficult it is to afford to back people, and there are many, many, worthy people whose crowdfunding I can’t afford to back myself. )

This is not the total miscalculation on Patreon’s part that it initially seemed — it was “only” a massive, massive, avoidable communications blunder — but it will still negatively affect people like myself, and people like my backers, in the short term.

Later today I’ll be posting a proper blog post, on the new Beach Boys copyright-extension release, and either today or tomorrow I’ll be doing a Patreon-exclusive short story.

For now, thanks all for bearing with these dull posts that will be of no interest to the majority of you — and thanks again to my backers who allow me to keep doing what I do.

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