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A General Apology For Crap Email Responses

There are quite a few people I owe emails to. Off the top of my head, there’s David Gerard, Dale Smith, Plok, and James Wylder, and I’m probably missing as many again, but those people want particular bits of help from me that I’d normally be glad to give.

Sadly, I’ve simply not had the mental ability to reply to these things at the moment. November and December are always bad mental-health times in my household — they’re very bad for my wife, and as she’s normally effectively my carer, acting as a buffer between me and the neurotypical world, that means more of the real world gets through to me in those months.

And this significantly impedes my ability to function. I am still able to write stuff, because that just comes out of my brain all the time. And I’m still able to be present on social media, because that requires just immediate reflex responses. But anything where I’m having to put some serious thought into composing a proper response to a question… that’s been beyond my ability for a few weeks,

I haven’t forgotten your emails, and I will do my best to get back to you, but my best may not be good enough until after Xmas, when things start to improve a little. This goes for any other emails I get in the next few weeks.

Sorry for being crap.