Quick Note for Patreon Backers Who Don’t Read Patreon Updates

If you back me on the $2 per post tier or higher, I’m sending out your physical copies of the Basilisk Murders *on Saturday*.

Let me know by then (by messaging me through Patreon) if:
I haven’t got your address and you want a copy

I have got your address and you don’t want a copy (some people only want copies of some types of books I do)
I have an old address for you that you want me to update.

If you’re not sure if I have your address, presume I don’t, though I have the addresses of everyone who sent me theirs for Destroyer or the third Beach Boys book.

Those few of you who I know IRL, I will just give your copies next time I see you, but please remind me to do so, as I’ll otherwise forget.

I’ll be sending paperbacks out directly from Amazon. People in the UK should get theirs by Monday or Tuesday of next week, while those elsewhere should definitely have them within a few days of that. The hardbacks come from Lulu and may take longer — allow two weeks from Saturday for those.

If after that time you haven’t received your copy and you think you should have, let me know, again through Patreon messaging.

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