City of the Saved Weekend Sale

For those of you who do ebooks and haven’t yet delved into the City of the Saved, Obverse Books has a weekend sale on, in which you can get ebooks of the first five City of the Saved short story collections as a bundle for £12.49 the lot.

The City of the Saved is a setting within the Faction Paradox range, but these books can be read totally independently of any knowledge of that, and are absolutely fantastic. Off the top of my head, I think they’d appeal to fans of Jo Walton’s The Just City, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Greek myth, and Philip K. Dick especially, and to anyone who likes the basic idea of a location at the end of time in which every human who ever lived (and some who didn’t) is resurrected to live immortally.

Anyway, my usual caveats with Obverse apply — the publisher, editor, cover artist, and at least ten of the writers in these collections are friends or friendly acquaintances of mine, and Obverse have repeatedly published my work (and I have at least one short story and one non-fiction book coming out from them in the next year) so I may be biased — but at the same time, I *became* friends with all those people because I like their work so much, rather than the other way round, so I think if anything rather than me being biased that’s a sign of *just how good* these things are. One of the books (the third one) has a story of mine in it as well, and it’s a story I’m proud of, but there are at least half a dozen stories or so in these collections that I’d recommend more highly, and not all of them by friends.

If you want to get five great short story collections for only £12.49, and discover a load of great writers (and some of the very best stories here are by people I’ve not seen published elsewhere) visit Obverse Books.

(And while you’re there, pick up some of their other great books. I’ve read… maybe twenty books they’ve published? Possibly more than that… and never found a single duff one. If you like thought-provoking whimsical postmodern science fiction and fantasy, or in-depth explorations of Doctor Who, there’ll be something there that you like.)

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