Coming Soon: A New Faction Paradox Story By Me

Since Simon announced on his blog a couple of weeks ago that he’s sent a version of it to the publisher, it’s probably safe for me to say that I’ll have a story in the upcoming Faction Paradox anthology The Book of the Enemy. In fact, unless the story gets retitled between now and release, my story is *titled* “The Book of the Enemy” (the anthology is not named after my story — my story was inspired by the book’s title).

My own story is an exercise in pastiching a particular kind of Edwardian story, and is also one of those spot-the-reference type affairs with appearances large and small by various characters from popular fiction of that era. Having seen most of the other stories and Simon’s framing material, I think this is going to be a remarkably good collection.

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3 Responses to Coming Soon: A New Faction Paradox Story By Me

  1. plok says:

    Now THAT is a title that draws the attention!

  2. Simon Bucher-Jones says:

    Pre-order detail, cover, list of story titles and authors – including the excellent Andrew Hickey’s fractile Book of The Enemy are now up on Obverse book’s site and publicised on my facebook and tumblr. Cheers

    Simon BJ

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      … and this comment crossed over with me writing the most recent blog post, in which I provide said link ;)

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