Coming This Weekend

“Was this going to be the end? I wondered as I sprinted down yet another flight of stairs. Was I going to get caught, and get killed, by a geek serial killer?”

When Sarah arrives at a tech conference she’s meant to be covering for her magazine, she thinks it’ll be a few days away from her marriage problems on a tropical island. Instead, she’s surrounded by sleazy men who want to build a computer God, thousands of miles from home and her wife. She hates where she is, and the people who are around her.

But when someone starts killing those people off, Sarah has to investigate. What is the Basilisk? Who is committing the murders? Why is everyone talking about blackmail? And why is everyone drinking fish?

Surrounded by Russian billionaires, gropey bloggers, alt-right computer scientists, and philosophy professors, can Sarah solve the murders and win back her wife before the Singularity? And can she do it without having to deal with her racist ex-girlfriend?

Part cozy mystery, part technothriller, part biting satire, The Basilisk Murders is a hilarious, gripping, story of irrational rationality, staying kind in a hostile world, and building a better sandcastle.

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3 Responses to Coming This Weekend

  1. I used to RP a character on the Harry Potter forums called Basil Isk. He was the giant snake that lived in the statue of Salazar Slytherin.

  2. Holly says:

    I take a break from editing your book only to find you’ve got an extraneous comma here too! (After “gripping.”)

    Seriously, people, this is a really great book.

  3. plok says:

    This sounds gorgeous. “Surrounded by sleazy men who want to build a computer God”: a little diamond.

    You’ve made a sale!

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