Quick Question

I’m just finishing a draft of The Basilisk Murders after getting feedback from a couple of beta readers, but I’m after a second round of feedback on this draft before I release it to the public, ideally from people who haven’t already given me some feedback.

What I thought I might do is make the draft available (for free) to Patreon backers and ask for their advice on it — it might be a nice little extra for my backers, and they’re all people who like my writing, and they’re generally people whose opinions I trust.

On the other hand, though, that feels to me like it might be taking the piss a little — beta reading is work, after all, and saying “as a reward for paying my wages (which Patreon backers are essentially doing) you get to do my work for me” seems a little off.

What do people think?

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  1. davidgerard says:

    Still on the first draft here. It’s a delight and patrons will enjoy the experience. So you should totally offer the preview!

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