What DC Comics Are Good Right Now?

Longtime readers may remember I used to be a comics blogger (and in fact I’m planning on posting a comic review tonight). But I’ve not posted much about comics in the last few years, largely because DC Comics’ Flashpoint and New 52 basically destroyed my interest in their line, and the DC superhero universe was the thing that kept me in the weekly comics-shopping habit. I still go and buy monthlies semi-regularly, but I’ve rather got out of the loop.

However, I’m told that in the last few months, DC has actually done some pretty decent comics, so for those who are following them — what comics are they doing now that I should be reading?

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5 Responses to What DC Comics Are Good Right Now?

  1. Doom Patrol and/or anything written by Tom King. Would be interested in your take on Cave Carson, although it’s failed to live up to its initial promise (weird subterranean Shaverisms via obssesso DC history plus Gerard Way, but it’s just a load of blokes running around in tunnels with some stuff about a not particularly interesting underground kingdom)

  2. Gilly says:

    I can confirm that Marguerite Bennett’s Batwoman Rebirth is good, and I keep meaning to get into her DC Bombshells comic series at one point.

  3. Simon Bucher-Jones says:

    Agree on Doom Patrol, and on Cave Carson which I’m dropping after #12, but would also raise the new Mister Miracle comic that looks interesting.

  4. David Brown says:

    I can’t say that there is definitely anything you should be reading, but I can say I was down to zero DC like you were, but since rebirth I am now reading and enjoying Aquaman, Action Comics, Batman Beyond, Flash, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps and Titans. All straightforward, entertaining superhero comics of a kind they just stopped making for a few years, mixed in with a few hints that some of the hold history may be restored at some point.

  5. Seth Bayens says:

    Mister Miracle is the best right now. Metal is also the best event since Final Crisis, probably because it picks up a TON of Morrison plot points.

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