Back Tomorrow

Sorry for the lack of new posts around here. Since the start of this month I’ve written about 15,000 words of fiction you’ll eventually see (10,000 words to finish The Basilisk Murders and the last 5,000 of a 10,000-word Faction Paradox story), a script you almost certainly *won’t* eventually see unless you happen to be an eight-year-old girl who watches the YouTube channel I ghostwrite stuff for, and that long post the other day about the Lib Dem leadership. And I’ve also been out of melatonin for most of that time, which has made coherent thought almost impossible.

But my melatonin has arrived, and everything I had a deadline for is now done, so I plan to get some actual sleep tonight and then tomorrow post a review of Atlas Shrugged (spoiler: it’s not my favourite novel of all time)

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  1. plok says:

    A friend of mine’s family is all railroad guys and he says he’s personally insulted by Rand’s wilful ignorance of the railroad business. Wonders if architects read The Fountainhead and fling the damn thing across the room.

    It seems like he’s joking, but it’s perfectly possible that he isn’t.

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