Coming Up…

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I’ve been finishing the draft of The Basilisk Murders, which I sent to beta readers for feedback a couple of days ago, and a Faction Paradox short story for an anthology. I’m also quite unwell at the moment, and working on a script. But I do have some stuff planned for the next few days:
The next Prometheans article, on Atlas Shrugged
A post on Harry Nilsson’s Pandemonium Shadow Show, the first in a series of posts on Nilsson
A review of issue two of Transrealities, a rather good superhero comic some friends are involved in.
And possibly a series of posts on rewatching folk horror films and TV (I’m planning a comedy folk-horror novel and will be rewatching stuff like The Wicker Man and A Field In England, as well as things like the more folk-horrorish Doctor Who stories, The Devil Rides Out, some Nigel Kneale stuff, and The League of Gentlemen, and I may blog about that)

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  1. Phil O. says:

    Looking forward to the Nilsson reviews! Just got into him after reading your book!

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