Linkblogging for 19/08/17

Not done one of these in a while, and practically delirious with exhaustion, so here’s some links.

Jennie talks about autism-friendly clothing.

The history of Alice and Bob (and Eve, Mallory, et al)

I think I may have linked some of these before, but Nicky Case’s site has some wonderful interactive tutorials and simulations — half game half explainer blog post — on stuff like the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

Hacking a gene sequencer by encoding malware in DNA

Chris Dillow talks about his socialism. His socialism and my liberalism are very compatible.

And Millennium on Brexit and optimism bias

Destroyer chapter tomorrow, and then with luck the next Prometheans post on Monday and the first of a series of looks at Harry Nilsson’s albums on Tuesday. That’s if I’m not so tired it takes me three goes to spell “luck” and two goes to spell “three”…

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