Brief updates

Just to let you all know that the ebook versions of Beach Boys book vol 3 are uploaded to Amazon and Draft2Digital (which will in turn send it through to all the other ebook stores shortly). I accidentally priced the Amazon version at $10 rather than $5 and can’t fix that until it’s finished processing, but it should be fixed tomorrow.
I’ll provide purchase links when I have the paper copies up. I’ve had some formatting difficulties with that (primarily because it’s only the second paper book I’ve published through Amazon rather than Lulu, but also because of stupid things to do with typesetting and not having a long enough blurb for the back cover so it doesn’t go into super-large print), but I should have them done tomorrow or Tuesday.
Also, I know I haven’t yet done the final Doctor Who season 22 post. I’ve had an arthritis flare-up in my hands for the last few days, so haven’t been able to type much. As soon as my hands get better, I’ll write it up. No guarantees as to when that will be, but these flare-ups never last too long.

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