Posts I Need To Write

This is a reminder to self, because the heat is destroying my short-term memory even by my standards. I have a lot of ideas for things I need to write at the moment, but I’m also currently doing freelance work, finishing a novel, tweaking the Beach Boys book, finishing an overdue story, and editing Holly’s book. And sitting around almost completely naked, complaining about the heat and humidity.

So, things I need to write soon:

The rest of my Hugo reviews.
A post about storytelling in the Arabian Nights. Maybe a series of these.
A post or posts about shared universes and why I love them even though they often lead to terrible storytelling.
A post in praise of Greg Egan.
A look at the Lib Dem leadership candidates once announced, and what I think they mean for the future of the party if any.
A post about Stephen King
Some thoughts I have about Doctor Who, which need to take shape properly before they become a post, but which are sort of tickling me. They seem to tie into the shared universe stuff and be about Gallifrey.
Two big posts for August I need to start working on already — Jack Kirby’s centenary and the fortieth anniversary of Elvis’ death
Some stuff about Menippean satire
And the next two blogged books — either Nilsson or Roy Wood, and a book on autism.
(Also I need to restart the Batposts)

I’ll try to get at least one of these up tonight

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