So, on Saturday, after being down in That London watching the Beach Boys and meeting up with friends for a couple of days, I decided I needed a few days without seeing any people or doing anything.
Since then:
I discovered a friend who lives in Australia was in town for one day and wanted to meet up (this was great fun, but took energy. I’m *very* glad I did it though, especially given all the below.)
I got commissioned to come up with a bunch of ideas for videos from a regularish freelance job I have, and so I’ve had to spend the last two days coming up with ideas for nonthreatening childrens’ stories. During which time…
Some utter shit decided to bomb the city I live in and kill a bunch of kids, just to be a bastard.
My wife received news her citizenship had finally been approved, after eleven long years of effort.
My wife *also* got a job interview, at basically no notice, for what if she’s accepted would be a dream job.
I then discovered that one of the children still missing after the attack is a relative of my sister’s partner, and I’m worried sick for him and his family.
I also discovered, in the same phone call, that an old family friend has just been arrested for murder (not the murders mentioned above).
And then this morning I had to help my wife find the place for her interview, because she’s blind and not great at finding new places anyway, and especially not great at it when public transport to the place she had to go (at only a few hours’ notice) has been shut down and rerouted because of the aforementioned utter murdering shit blowing children up in one of our major transit hubs.

Obviously I don’t mean to compare all these things, which are very, very different in importance and impact from each other. But all of them (even the good ones) took more energy than I was expecting to have to expend over the last couple of days, so if I don’t post on here for a day or two, or if I don’t do something I said I was going to, it’s because at this point I’m basically delirious from adrenaline poisoning.

Back soon.

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2 Responses to Bleh

  1. Holly says:

    And to think, you’re not coming to the play tonight because you thought just doing this would have been too much too soon after going to London. :)

  2. Oh dear, yes – that is a lot of stuff to come together when you are already feeling thinly stretched anyway. Big sympathies, and total understanding if you need to crawl into a cave and hide for a while. I hope above all that your sister’s partner’s relative is found safe and well, but more generally also that things calm down for you and that Holly gets the job – which really does sound perfect for her and like she would be amazing at it.

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